HODL 2.0

HODL 2.0


HODL 2.0

Do you like cryptocurrencies? Are you HODLing? We can push your profits to another level. We bring you HODL 2.0.


Why invest with us?

We take HODL investment strategy seriously as a great investment tool. But there are few limitations which is difficult with HODL strategy: timings (when you start HODL) and huge profit drawdowns during the long term journey. We improved both. See how. See HODL 2.0.

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Algorithmic trading

We are not setting orders manually but using backtested strategies. All strategies are tested few years back. You can choose level of risk which will than also affect profits. We recommend balanced portfolio using mainly long-term 1d strategies.



There are no limitations in terms of portfolio size. You can start with us pretty much with with 1000 USD but we can handle any size of portfolio. We are not afraid of very big portfolios.


The only information we need is API key from Binance. Currently we support just Binance. We are using API key which has permissions just to read transactions and trade with futures contracts.

Guaranteed Security

Your deposit sits within Binance – one of the most secured cryptocurrency exchangies. They also have its own Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) adding additional insurence against potential money lost.


The only fee which is paid is 12% each month from the profit we generate you. In case there is no profit within the last month, which happens very rarely, we are not charging you any penny.

Advanced Dashboard

One of our biggest features is that you make big profits with us. But next big feature is also advanced dashboard where you can track this profit quite easily.

Advanced dashboard


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