HODL 2.0

HODL 2.0


Why you should start using HODL 2.0 service?

Smart HODL or HODL 2.0 is great service which gives you plenty of features which simply make your crypto investment smart.

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HODL 2.0 features

Profit tracking

Our advanced dashboard uses Binance API with read permissions which regularly synchronize all transactions so you are up to date with all results. You can see how much you paid Binance on fees and how much you paid us for our services.

Portfolio configurator

You can easily manage the allocation of all strategies trading with your deposit. You can choose which strategy will be used, which not and how much money should take care of. We have some recommendarions but risk managment is quite individual so you can choose how much you want to risk with your portfolio. More risk brings more profits.

Accounting software

If you want to prepare documents for your tax compamy we can genarate it for you. We have all your transactions stored anyway so you can easily require this additinal feature. We do it just for CZ citizens at this stage.

What is the difference between standard HODL and HODL 2.0?

We take HODL investment strategy seriously as a great investment tool. But there are few limitations which is difficult with HODL strategy. First of all you need to wait for huge dips or bear market to buy for good price. Simply follow the rule “buy low sell high”. Another disadvantage of classic HODL strategy is that you have to be really patient during the huge profit drawdowns. It is extremely unlikely you will be able to hit the top of the market and buy more at the bottom. It is also really risky and true HODLers are simply not doing this. Lastly another investment rule is “trend is your friend”. As long as standard HODL is following this rule our concept HODL 2.0 is following it even more as 3 of 5 strategies are trading just in bull trends and just one direction: up up up. 

So we’ve improved both big disadvantages of standard HODL strategy. See how in our comparison below. See HODL 2.0.

Long term investment

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We’ve created concept of long term investment where you can’t expect to be rich over the night but you can expect few months or years of profitable trading which can be rewarded by hundred % increase of your portfolio. This concept is especially great in the world of cryptocurrencies where we are still expecting long term bull trends. Thanks to our concept which we call “smart HODL” or just HODL 2.0 you can automate your investment in smart way where majority of trades are done during bull runs and during bear trends we are keeping your portfolio away of markets. We are currently using combination of 5 strategies where majority is really long term using 3H+ timeframes and trading just long direction. Two of our strategies are also trading shorts and it is performing very well in both trade directions over the past years.


Easy to start

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Start investing with us is very easy. There is no limitation in terms of the amount of your portfolio. You can start with pretty much 1 000 USDT. We are using just Binance exchange at this moment. Our algorithms are stored and backtested within tradingview.com and connected to Binance via API (which we can help you to create) using third party solution like 3commas.com or aleeert.com. So monthly costs are very low and the only fee which is required from our side is 12% profit share each month you gain with us.


24/7 Availability

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Cryptocurrency market is open 24/7 and our 5 strategies are constatly seeking for trading oportunities. Dispate this fact 4 of 5 strategies are doing very low number of trades (some few per month and some even few per year). Thanks to our dashboard you can easily see how the whole concept HODL 2.0 is doing and how your portfolio is growing.


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One of our features is that we can prepare for you documents needed for paying taxes. At this moment just for Czech republic. Because we realise it is not easy to prepare documents when you have big number of trades (our strategies are not doing thousands of transactions per month but anyway it is still big number to do it manually).

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